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Telecom Network Engineering

Experts in the field and in the office

Landing Point Telecom and its principals have successfully delivered national and international end-to-end wireless network infrastructure solutions and professional business services. The Landing Point wireless team includes RF and radio engineering experts, industry certified technicians and experienced project managers. We deliver major technical and wireless solutions nationwide, including radio and RF engineering and optimization, network installations and network maintenance. We also provide in-building staff augmentation, project management, site audits and surveys, and civil engineering solutions. The industries we serve include, public safety, utility, transportation, and government, including federal agencies.

Building solutions at home and abroad

The Landing Point team has delivered engineering solutions and wireless buildouts both nationally and internationally. Landing Point's team collectively has performed more than 200 wireless telecommunications projects with multiple carrier networks using a variety of OEM equipment. We have performed as both a contractor and general contractor, leading efforts to build out America's cellular, digital radio, and broadband network. Internationally, the principals have led some of the largest wireless cellular deployments in Latin America.


We provide independent consulting services for the end to end network strategy, design, and planning enabling us to enhance customers’ business and project objectives, inclusive of tools, vendors, and markets. Landing Point’s global experience in networks includes the expansion and evolution of 2G, 3G, 4G, IP, core backhaul transmission, and digital radio.

Whether customers are defining coverage, expanding capacity, or overlaying technologies, Landing Point can assist with all states of the project from design to implementation.

Radio network design

Network configuration

Network audits


Operators around the world are increasingly expanding their networks to fulfill the unprecedented demand from video streaming, social networking, web browsing, and on-demand communication applications; Efficient transmission backhaul planning is the key to managing this daily challenge as networks are continuously straining to keep up with the skyrocketing demands of remote education, remote healthcare and remote work functions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and government policies to eliminate the digital divide in American society.

Landing Point’s network engineering team has the in-house experience to deliver all services relating to backhaul networks and will customize our services to meet the customer’s network integrity needs with objectives- based engineering, installation, path acceptance, testing, and optimization.

Microwave engineering

Transmission system design




Network technologies continue to evolve. As the lines between mobile and IP networks converge, network performance shortfalls need to be identified and upgraded to address key performance indicators. Landing Point’s optimization services enable customers to maximize network efficiency with minimal infrastructure investment to enhance bottom line revenue.

Traffic capacity


Proactive field monitoring


Landing Point’s OSS experts have dramatically increased operational efficiencies of many client networks around the world through multi-vendor, multi-technology support, assuring rapid and accurate deployments, site integrations, and OSS software upgrades.


Landing Point has partnered with multiple technology providers to provide high reliability solutions to government, civil, and commercial customers. We have engineers who specialize in intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR).


Landing Point has partnered with different technology providers to deliver lawful intercept and data retention end-to-end solutions to multiple law enforcement agencies and carriers.

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